Entry #1


2014-12-14 02:59:35 by TSRBand

Trick Shot Radio [TSRBand] is a one-man heavy metal project producing demos since 2014. 

Through this project I aim to improve my capabilities using recording software, as well as my songwriting and guitar skills, with the goal that this progression is reflected over time. The latest 50 songs uploaded here can also be streamed on my SoundCloud page.

If you're interested in using my music as part of a creative project, let me know! I'd love to check it out.

Some drum tracks used in early demos can be found at Mash The Splat for free download. Other drums used include tracks by Metal Guitar StuffJim Dooley Drums, and members of the WikiLoops community, to be released under Creative Commons/Public licences. Backing track authors are detailed in song descriptions where applicable.